Implementation of GESPER MDS

Description: Upper level automation systems are specialized application software designed to solve tasks of synchronization, coordination, analysis, and optimization of the output of products within the framework of the manufacturing.
Stages: The stages of work based on the basic model of building smart systems activities of EPC&PM.


Web development and SEO

Description: GŠ•SPER Technology s.r.o. creates effective websites: from promo websites to big online stores.
Stages: From setting objectives of the project to the final website.


  • Furniture online store MeGustaMebel

Design of automation systems

Description: The automatic control system (ACS) is a complex of hardware and software designed for managing different processes within the technological process of production of the enterprise. Automation - the process in which management and control previously performed by the person are transferred to instruments and automatic devices. Its main aim is to improve labor efficiency, improve product quality, to create conditions for optimal utilization of all manufacturing resources.
Stages of work: The stages of work based on the basic model of building intelligent systems activities EPC&PM


  • Correction system consumption electric power

Equipment and components

Description: Selection and supply of equipment for ACS is a complex of measures aimed at the selection of automation, their evaluation, negotiation of the selected equipment and its subsequent integration into the project or existing production.
Stages: Phases of work ensure conformance of supplied equipment with the declared types and parameters in accordance with the technological requirements and standards.


  • Rockwell Automation
  • Schneider Electric