About company

Our vision

GESPER first mentioned in Greek mythology and is denoting name the Deity of the evening star - the most beautiful of the stars. Also, the name GESPER is mentioned in astrology and have the symbol of "feelings after action", an emotion which came to arise from the perception of the do things action. In keeping on with these two denoting of the name GESPER, we aim for perfection of the result and the feel of the incompleteness of the process of improvement routine. All this obligate us to be in a state of the never-ending search for new solutions and criticism of appraising of the results.


Therefore, our business is always focused on meeting your needs in a dedicated and transparent fashion. This is what unites us at GESPER Technology s.r.o.
We are a team comprised of professionals with many years of experience in software engineering, especially in automation and creating web applications.
We believe that our business model is promising as it increases sales and developer productivity while reducing risks and expenses.
We have a profound conviction that our team will succeed in establishing itself as a leader in web automation technology.

Our mission

Our main mission is to implement and improve a web-based monitoring and analytics system by creating high-quality products suited for current needs and tailored to your requirements.
We are interested in the success of your business.
We follow your interests.
We want to help you and your business processes in order to perfect them together.
We will use all our knowledge and our experience together with modern technology to provide new opportunities to develop your business and help you to be the most successful in your industry.

Our values


We take full responsibility for the adoption of technical solutions along with quality products and services.

Consistent development

We are convinced that the implementation of our projects and exchange of experience with partners contribute to the progressive development on mutually beneficial terms.


Our experience in the use of modern technologies and advanced development techniques when creating software solutions allows us to develop high-quality projects.


The obtained result is not final and unchanging. Our goal is continuous development and improvement of existing solutions.


The ability to change our business, our product, in regards to the changing current market demand, and production allows us to respond flexibly to the wishes and expectations of our customers.


We hold a variety of kind and creativity of engineering. Therefore we solve each problem individually, considering it from several different sides.