Introduction to GESPER

The "GESPER" softwate package is as follows:

  • Data integration from all infrastructure distributed to the control system of the enterprise;
  • Remote dispatch control of equipment operation in real-time;
  • Data archiving for further retreaval;
  • A privacy policy for encryption and password protection access.

"GESPER" is based on open industrial protocol OPC DA which was designed for data acquisition from all distributed control systems of an enterprise.
For customers this is the modern web interface that does not require the installation of third-party software, working with any current browser, using any convenient device for them: PC / Tablet / Smartphone.
As a rule, the enterprise structure consists of some unconnected, from the information point of view, divisions and workshops. The reason for this can either be that the commissioning of equipment enterprise is at different stages of its development or a variety of contractors design solutions.

Through "GESPER", divisions can be connected to a single monitoring and archiving data system for further analysis while considering intern workshops, interaction, and irregardless of production monitoring systems already in use.
We save the commercially sensitive information for our customers.

For that, the software package "GESPER" uses:

  • Encryption of traffic (SSL) client-server;
  • Password protection for user accounts.

GESPER for Technology and Processes

"GESPER" allows solving the most frequent challenge for technical staff. Namely the inability to remotely monitor equipment operation and control its working modes.

A hierarchical visualization system of manufacturing permits access to:

Up-to-date information on the current state of the unit/site/workshop and the enterprise as a whole (summary screen). This is possible due to the animation and color symbols used to illustrate the state of objects according to modern automation standards;
A graph of the history of the operation of the node and its local sensors is available, building a "historical trend" or a brief operational summary (up to 48 hours).

The mechanism for creating sets of graphs will help you prepare standard solutions (Sets of several parameters) for quick and qualitative assessment of the operation modes of the unit. The "share" function will enable you to transfer the sets that you have already created to your colleagues for later commission analysis.
Operating already created sets of graphs, the module for working with historical data will help to analyze the operation of equipment over a longer period of time.
To process the history of technological parameters with third-party software provides for unloading into a universal format * .CSV.

Reporting and Analytics with GESPER

The "GESPER" software continuously archives an enterprises technological data (24 hours/ 7 days) into a single database.

  • "Report module" allows you to receive a report in graphical form, according to the specified set of technological parameters for a certain period of time, with a specified accuracy;
  • The "Analytical Reports Module" is designed to bring together information about abnormal operation of equipment for a shift / day or an arbitrary time interval.

"Modules of Work" with Statistical Data provide an automatic mailing to both the creator of the reports and to other. The uploaded data archived in "GESPER" is provided in the CSV format. "GESPER" supports working with its archived data at the SQL-queries level because it uses a standard SQL database.

Business with GESPER

The "GESPER" allowing customers to always have the latest version of the free product with new functional modules.

Undoubtedly, the implementation of "GESPER" is a progressive solution towards problems facing all modern enterprises.
It is obvious. Because remote administration of the production is an unspoken requirement for enterprises wishing to keep up with the times.
The "GESPER" subscriptions system GESPER Technology s.r.o. allows customers to always have the latest version of the free product with the introduction of new functional modules.

Undoubtedly, the implementation of the complex software "GESPER" is a progressive solution to all modern enterprises.

Advantages of GESPER

Using of Web technologies

Data encryption

Centralized data collection

Quick technical support

Using OPC Protocols

Standard compliance