Implementation of GESPER MDS

All modern successful companies are constantly trying to keep up with the times, continually automating its production and introducing modern enterprise management systems. This allows you to increase productivity and reduce costs to production cost and thereby directly increase profits.
With the right approach, the automation can be more effective at all levels of implementation - from DCS to high level of automation. In particular, Monitoring and Dispatching System systems stand out from this list. So-called SCADA systems (has been designed to collect technological data on an operator PC, for the subsequent management and conduct of the process. In case a company has several departments or remote technological units, as a rule, all information going to the Control Panel (special premises intended placing a large number of operators PC), where is the control and management of the enterprise.
This has its pros and cons. If we talk about advantages, the first is a consolidated workplace of the operating personnel of the workshop or even the whole enterprise. And if we talk about the shortcomings of one of the most important is the ability to control and manage the enterprise only from a Remote Control.

We offer you solutions that allow our clients to access to monitor operations from anywhere in the enterprise. It is a modern system of "GESPER MDS" using web technology. In the first place the software package "GESPER MDS" is the ability to remotely monitor the performance of the manufacturing, where ever you are. It is a simple and convenient web interface that works in any modern browser, both on the phone and on the desktop.
"GESPER MDS" uses pure web technologies HTML5, CSS, JS, and therefore does not require any additional components to operate in any modern browser. It is an independent, full-fledged visualization system of equipment operation including charts and reports. In other words, it is a technological portal of your enterprise, with extensive and convenient functionality.

Taking into account the importance of trade secrets of our clients, specialists GESPER Technology s.r.o developed the software product in accordance with modern requirements for information security. The data access system "GESPER MDS" is the possibility to give an access only with the active user approved by the system administrator. And all communication between the user and the system occurs through the use of encryption via SSL to ensure data integrity and protect them from getting the third party.
The software package "GESPER MDSA" is able not only to collect process data from DCS (SIEMENS, Allen-Bradley, Schneider Electric, etc.) via OPC DA, and to consolidate data on the mnemonics without reference to the structural divisions of the company, and according to business needs.
Easy structural visualization of the enterprise is an important step for the simplification of the control and analysis of the functioning of the production facilities.
Also, "GESPER MDS" is a convenient tool for process personnel to analyze the operation of equipment using archival data historical graphs and charts of current processes.
Mechanism graphical representation of the information of the equipment system, "GESPER", able to provide operational analysis for various time periods from 15 minutes ( the trend with a constant upload of new data) up to 2 days. One glance technological personnel to be able to make operational decisions.
Historical charts are more an instrument of production and technical Department and intended for complex analysis of the operation of the equipment, management technology and compliance with norms and standards.
The mechanism of creating a "set of technical parameters" allows you to create collections of charts for later analysis, and the ability to share the created set allows you to provide a copy of it to colleagues and managers.

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Stages of work:

  • Step 1

    Familiarization with the technical specifications;

    A detailed examination of the object;

    The basic data collection;

    Concept development;

    Clarification of quantities and specifications;

    The formation of the technical specifications and technical economical specifications.

  • Step 2

    Confirmation of survey results;

    Specification of technical solutions on site;

    Development of mnemonics and configurations;

    Integration and interaction of applied systems;

    Preparation of reports on the work process;

    Preparation of technical documentation and technical-and-economic index.

  • Step 3

    Checking the information collected about the object;

    Project documentation handover to customer for a preliminary assessment;

    Making changes and additions to the project documentation;

    Project documentation approval.

  • Step 4

    Preparatory work;

    Equipment completion;

    Erection supervision work;

    Pre-commissioning activities;


    Pilot operation;

    "GESPER" system commissioning.

  • Step 5

    Service support.


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